One Action That Can Change How Your Family Sees the Internet

Control the web traffic on your family devices, block adult content, ads, trackers, and malicious domains. Make the Internet safe for everyone at home or at work.

How Can we Help You Protect Your Family


Let’s imagine that you’ve an internet connection like Airtel, ACT, BSNL, Jio, Hathway etc., in your home that is active and running.
We will change your router DNS through remotely or guide you to do it yourself.



Now when anyone on your home or office enter a website URL or click a link on their device. Their device will asks the new DNS setting on your router for the corresponding IP address.
If the domain address belongs to an pornographic, advertising, tracking, malicious, or phishing website, then your new DNS blocks access to it and the relevant site doesn’t appear on your device at all.



You’re all set!┬ánow everyone in your home and office is protected and will be safe from all kinds of online threats, unwanted sites.